Model 1626

New idea of One Polishing Loop, Two Tactile Senses is presented in this model.




The polishing loop brings this model in incredibly shining and beautiful way. It comes with two different finishes on one body. The gloss finish is conspicuous for audience and the matte finish is steady to lay a finger on while spinning. Trapeze width is more than 90% of the max. width. Constructed with completely wide radian for the string tricks. When player picks up this model, ergonomic profile create a comfortable feeling to hold the yo-yo. And of course, it's full size. Diameter 56.00mm, max. Width 44.16mm and the weight is 67.20gram. 




The hub is designed fo making a better fingertip grind. In the first version of prototypes, the hub was just flat, and it has been redesigned more time later. Yoyo model is designed by me, but not the bearing. However, for mass production and release to the market, it‘s accessories should be seriously considered. Bearing is the heart of a yoyo, different types of Bearing were tested with this model, curved and grooved bearing made of stainless steel is selected to set on the final version, since keeps the string in the middle all the time and spins stable all the time. A long and strong spinning starts from a powerful bearing. Each bearing comes with two dust caps, frequency to rinse player's bearing could be decreased.




Launched under the name "CARPFIN" in 18 colours so far. Retail price is US$45. A special edition CARPFIN [SE] is released to support unicef.