One polishing loop.

Two tactile senses.


The polishing loop brings CARPFIN in incredibly shining and beautiful way. CARPFIN comes with two different finishes on one body. The gloss finish is conspicuous for audience and the matte finish is steady to show your fingerspin trick.




And Efficient.

Trapeze width is more than 90% of the maximal width. Constructed with completely wide radian for your string tricks. It’s so comfortable to hold the profile. CARPFIN feels as amazing as it looks.




2.2 inch


( 56.00 mm )

1.74 inch

Max. Width

( 44.16 mm )

0.148 inch


( 67.20 gram )

Do a better fingertip grind.


The hub is specially designed for fingertip grind tricks. CARPFIN puts excellent performance and potential at your fingertip. The hub is extremely thin and light to bring the weight distribution outside, yet powerful enough to let you make your fingertip grind tricks longer and more stable.

Firm. Precise. Stable.

Full body is made of aluminum alloy, this material ist treated by T6 temper to provide the strong precipitation hardening and ultimate tensile strength. Manufacturing by CNC-Processing ensures the accuracy.

For all the tricks 

you play out.


The curved and grooved profile on bearing can keep your string fixed in the center to reduce friction with both side of spinning body. Let you have more time to show your tricks during one throw.


Surface, Profile, Hub. Everything goes together.


Small box. Great sense.

Over 99 percent of the paper in our packaging is

recycled or sustainable.

Packaging Breakdown for CARPFIN




Plastic film

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Packaging has become an important part of the process of production and distribution of goods. The annual consumption of packaging is hundreds of millions, so to promote the packaging of the environmental revolution has become an important mission of the environmental protection sector. The choice of material for an environmentally friendly package for Yo-Yo should be consistent with the harmless, non-polluting, recyclable paper. After redesigning and testing samples for several times, surface material texture, paper hardness, edge angle, tightness had been constantly improved. We aim to reduce the size of the box as much as possible to decrease transportation costs, human resources and environmental pollution during the transportation. It's the best Yo-Yo box we ever made.



A program to support the Unicef.